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AP 1-02a Tone Words first 16

incredulous, fatuous, gauche, caiutionary, demoralized crossword maker , elegiac, derisive, callous, effusive, disdainful, erudite, apathetic, flippant, churlish, contemptuous, audacious,

boorish, rude, insulting and condescending, stupid or foolish in a self satisfied way, inane, lacking in seriousness, disrespectful, saucy, mourning that which is lost or past, sorrowful, showing scorn for something or somebody seen as unworthy, uncaring online learning games , serving to warn, skeptical and unbelieving create online activities , scholarly, overflowing and demonstrative, uncaring, or feeling no emotion, bold, adventurous, recklessly daring, lacking respect. derisive, expressing extreme contemt, discouraged, lacking social grace, sensitivity or acuteness,