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AP-1-01a Rhetorical terms first 16

cacophony ESL , apostrophe , alliteration , imagery, hyperbole, simile, setting, euphony e-learning , tenor, personification, quality, figurative language create online tests , characterization, metaphor invite students , vehicle ESL , understatement (meiosis),

The part of the metaphor that is being described. build your own quiz , giving human characteristics to inanimate objects, representing something as less than it is., use of words that appeal to the senses, A comparison of two distinctly different things using like or as., Usually unstated aspect shared in a metaphoric comparison results history , deliberate exaggeration for emphasis or effect, harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance, The part of the metaphor that is being used descriptively., repetition of consonant sounds, use of words in a non-literal sense for effect or emphasis, the time or place in a work of literature (gives context), an author%27s way of creating a person through words %26 actions, writer addresses an inanimate object as if it could hear, melodious sounds to produce a pleasing effect melodious , A comparison of two distinctly different things: a is b.,