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AP-1-01 Rhetorical terms full

Use this as a way to study your literary terms!

hubris, cultural symbol, tone interactive , overlapping terms, foreshadowing, euphemism quiz builder , archetype , apostrophe , cacophony tool for teachers , plot, flat character school , hyperbole, understatement (meiosis), metonymy, parable , diction, theme, inference, allusion, round character, fable, figurative language e-learning , vehicle, irony, invocation, asyndeton, myth, allegory active teaching , synecdoche, ellipsis, simile, polysyndeton, metaphor, characterization, thesis language , symbol, euphony, tenor quiz generator , mood, synaesthesia, imagery, frame, parallelism, quality, alliteration , anthropomorphism help students assimilate material , setting, personification,

a part replaces the whole or the whole replaces the part, the time or place in a work of literature (gives context), melodious sounds to produce a pleasing effect melodious , giving human characteristics to inanimate objects, use of words that appeal to the senses, a traditional story about gods ancestors or heroes, reference to something literary, historical or mythological, Usually unstated aspect shared in a metaphoric comparison, the series of events in a narrative or drama, A story within a story, use of words in a non-literal sense for effect or emphasis, calling on a deity whose aid is sought create online quizzes , omission of conjunctions where needed grammatically, giving human qualities to animals, describing one sensation in terms of another, the primary position taken by a writer or speaker, representing something as less than it is., repetition of consonant sounds, The part of the metaphor that is being used descriptively., more than one term can describe the same phrase , word choices made by an author, balanced syntax in words phrases or clauses, embodies a single quality and does not change, exceesive pride that leads to a character%27s downfall, a system of symbols in story, poem or picture, A comparison of two distinctly different things: a is b., the emotional atmosphere of a work, a universal symbolic character , an author%27s way of creating a person through words %26 actions, something substituted for a closely related idea or object, deliberate exaggeration for emphasis or effect, an indirect, less unpleasant way to say something offensive, A comparison of two distinctly different things using like or as., a symbol that derives from tradition, The part of the metaphor that is being described. , hints at what will come later, physical object that represents an abstract idea , a simple story that illustrates a moral or religious lesson, omission of a word or phrase that is needed grammatically, attitude of the writer toward the subject, a short moral story (often with animal characters) online learning games , writer addresses an inanimate object as if it could hear, harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance, a character who changes through the course of the story, a contrast between expectation and reality, a conclusion based on evidence, a central idea of a work of literature, overuse of conjunctions (and and and) ,