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French Cooking Terms

Use your French Cooking Terms Notes to help you find the matches.

Saute, Quiche, Croissant quiz generator , Julienne, Dijon, Eclair, Mise en Place, Brunoise, Haute Cuisine, Entree, Crepes, Vinaigrette, Bouillon class web page , Roux interactive , Baguette, Hors d%27 Oeurves,

light buttery yeast roll, appetizers, long crusty loaf of French bread printable , Salad dressing with wine vinegar, oil, and seasonings, smallest cut for vegetables - 1/8%22 cubes, Cooking with difficult preparation, garnishes, sauce matching excercise , to fry in a small amount of oil or butter., vegetables cut into thin matchstick like strips., soup stock - from meat or vegetables, an egg and cream pie, Mixture of flour and butter used to thicken liquids, pastry filled with custard or cream filling, main dish of a meal, everything in place. All ingredients ready to cook., very thin pancakes rolled around a filling, mustard originally made in Dijon, France,