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11 grade. Healthy lifestyle.

Analyse the text %22Healthy Lifestyle%22 (p.84) and complete the statements. There may be more than one correct answer. The answers must be based on the information given in the text.

1. (Para 7) Economic security is also a vital part of an adult relationship.
involves proper nutrition, exercise, rest., reduces the effects of chronic mental disorders., reduces the level of self-esteem and confidence., involves positive relationships. ,
2. (Para 5) Physical activity leads to stress, anxiety and depression.
consuming adequate amounts of nutrients and water., consuming low-fat dairy products, lean mean, poultry and fish., eating more food than the body ca handle. , cutting down on foods high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. ,
3. (Para 4) A healthy diet involves ...
that more people prefer getting around in cars rather than on foot., routine daily life requires more physical activity than several decades ago., computers prevent people from physical activity., the feeling that the pressures of family life gives almost no chance to keep fit. ,
4. (Para 6) Examples of daily moderate physical activity incluse ...
5. (Para 5) The reason why most people find it hard to start exercising is ...
6. (Para 1) Life expectancy is increasing because ...
7. (Para 5) Physical activity is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.
taking slow walks., watching more sports games on TV., dancing, bicycling, swimming, walking fast. ,
8. (Para 5) Exercises are beneficial for poor digestion, posture, diabetes, back pain etc.
9. (Para 7) Positive relations do not affect one%27s health in any way.
10. (Para 9) Alcohol abuse ...
ensures adequate sleep., leads to overweight., leads to lung diseases., can damage the liver. ,