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Unit 7 Touchstone

Match the boxes on the left with the boxes on the right

How often do you ______your family in Khon Kaen? online education , I%27m __________ today because I%27m sick, My brother_____ running in the park twice a week., I%27m _______my family every weekend this month., Sarayut _____basketball every day., _________today so I%27m going bicycling around SUT., It%27s very cold so we%27re_______out, Do you like to_____Engish?, How%27s it going?, Surasak is_____football this term. quiz , Do you like windsurfing?, I%27m not _____Thai boxing this week because I%27m sick., What are you studying this term?, Moo ____aerobics every Saturday night., John is_____English 2 this term., My friends are_____running after class ,

doing, I%27m fine, goes, It%27s not raining, English and Physics, not going, visiting, plays, studying, Yes, playing, going, does printable , visit, study, not working quiz generator ,