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UNIT ONE - Puritan / 2010 DBQ documents

*Carefully read the 2010 Puritan documents before attempting this activity. *PLACE THE DOCUMENTS IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN DOING THIS ACTIVITY. *Please do this activity until scoring 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.

1. language Document B of the 2010 DBQ demonstrated that
Southern society was dominated by agriculture., Puritans couldn%27t make much a living off of agriculture., Churches and town halls played a central role in Puritan lives., Ergot poisoning could have caused hallucinations.
2. The essence of Document C in the 2010 DBQ was that
Puritans should enjoy themselves and their lives., Villages don%27t have the money to educate children., Southern planters were heathens., Puritans should be productive, religious people.
3. Within Document D of the 2010 DBQ, Puritan political leader Bradford
revealed the value of enjoying feasts of thanksgiving., admitted that a war with local Native Americans was brutal., wished to advance into Canada and seize control of Quebec., revealed that Native Americans received a holy blessing.
4. Consultation of Document E within the 2010 DBQ indicated that
education must be promoted within Pennsylvania., learning played a central role in Puritan lives. e-learning , Virginians had a horrendous illiteracy rate., the powerful spirit turned against the faithful.
5. Within Document F of the 2010 DBQ, Roger Williams
spoke of the government within Rhode Island., claimed that he had strong disagreements with Catholics., noted that the Baptist faith was a fascinating tradition., supported religious freedom as an important tradition.
6. Clearly expressed in the first paragraph of Document G was the belief that
instruments be tuned on a regular basis., only one religious tradition be tolerated within a nation., brass instruments receive the melody in Puritan compositions., government must reflect the values of a society.
7. Within Document H of the 2010 DBQ, it is established that
A maximum amount of power should be used enthusiastically. , Northerners are less power hungry than Southerners., Women deserve equality within Puritan communities., Power should be used by people sparingly.
8. Document I of the 2010 DBQ conveyed that a Puritan named Robert had
led a lazy, idle life., tried to make the most of his time on earth., attended an excessive number of parties., regretted that he had led such a reckless life.
9. Document J of the 2010 DBQ indicated that
religion played a secondary role to trade and commerce., fishing and trade were paramount in New England., commerce should be completely abandoned., religion should be a primary part of the lives of New Englanders.