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11 grade. Quiz: the Paralympic Games

Watch the report on paralympic patients and fill in the missing words in the script.

1. “We use sport as a vehicle for improving balance, strength, coordination, wheelchair skills and #,%22 said Tussler. %22As well as those physical attributes, you can then go on to build the fun element of doing things together in a group.”
physical therapists, , prepare quiz ,
2. They do that at a sports facility next door, dedicated to the refugee doctor who came to Britain from Nazi Germany and introduced the # for disabled people.
rehabilitation program, , ,
3. Chris is ready to move out of the hospital. He said sports may play a larger role in his life than they did before he was injured, thanks to this rehabilitation program and the # that grew out of it. %22It’s inspirational. It lets you know what you can do in three or four years. I need to start playing sports,%22 said Haynes.
wheelchair mobility, , ,
4. %22There’s no reason I shouldn’t. You know, back to work, get back to my social life, get myself a girlfriend. And if all goes well, try and aim for Rio.” That would be the next Paralympic Games in Brazil in 2016. It’s a lofty goal for Chris and the other patients here, but Guttmann believed # are just what they need.
concept of sports, , ,
5. Dr. Ludwig Guttmann believed that sports would help heal his patients, physically and emotionally, and that international # would help heal the wounds of the war. Today, that idea has grown into a nearly two-week event staged shortly after the Olympics and followed around the world.
disabled games, , ,
6. Twenty-four-year-old Christopher Haynes is one of Stoke Mandeville’s latest success stories. After a diving injury a year ago, he underwent months of #, including the sports program. “You play the games that are suitable for you. Because they’ve been doing it for so long, they know exactly what. Because I’m tall, because I’m young, I’m suitable for wheelchair rugby,” said Haynes.
their injuries, , ,
7. while patients learn how to live after crippling trauma, with the constant help of #, the Games are not far from their minds.
surgery and rehabilitation, , ,
8. And the Games send a message to new patients back at Dr. Guttmann%27s old hospital that they can lead full lives again in spite of #.
Paralympic Games, , ,
9. At Britain’s National # Center, they are proud of their link to the Paralympics and these days
lofty goals, , ,