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Words for 12-9-16

Review these words using flash cards or a review of your choice. After reviewing try to Solve. We will test on Friday.

aspiration, remission, impelled, rectify, ostensible, expulsion, homogeneous, transpired, compulsive, genesis, emissary, repellent, sprightly, genealogy, progeny, portend interactive ,

to indicate in advance, to put, make or set right, an origin, creation or beginning, a person sent on a mission to represent or promote another, to drive or urge forward; to impart motion, composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind, Characterized by perfectionism or obsessive concern., a strong desire, longing or hope, outwardly represented or appearing as such, children; offspring, tending to drive away or ward off, the study of family lines, abatement of something (as in a disease), full of energy and spirit, state of driving or forcing out or away, to occur, happen or take place,