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UNIT ONE - Tensions

*Complete the Tension reading. *Match related cards by clicking on them. If they are a correct match the cards will disappear. *Please complete the activity until scoring 90%25 in order to earn full homework credit.

Sons of Liberty, triangular trade, Townshend duties build your own quiz , Sugar Act, Quebec Act, 1730%27s and 1740%27s, Coercive Acts prepare quiz , virtual representation, Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer, Thomas Hutchinson, Proclamation of 1763, Regulators, 1775, Pontiac, 1750%27s and 1760%27s, New Lights,

rowdy colonial protest group working with Sam Adams, protested against corrupt officials in western North Carolina class web page , exchange of goods between three major areas, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, British members of Parliament can legilslate for colonists, time when Great Awakening happened, first year of the Revolution build your own quiz , charged a fee on foreign molasses imported to colonies, John Dickinson , no settlement beyond Appalachian Mountains, Native American chief located west of Appalachians, punishment for the destruction of tea in Boston, time of the French and Indian War, external taxes, supporters of emotional preaching style, gave advantages to French people in North America,