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Spelling definitions Day 4

Laura, abstinence, initiation active teaching , linear, antecedents, ambivalence, identification, Paws, internalize, relapse syndrome, self-efficacy, stabilization, physical dependency, cognitive behavioural therapy, anhedonia, self-attribution,

Post Acute withdrawal syndrome, person%27s belief about ability/capacity to accomplish task online activities , the act of refraining from indulging in a desire, a preceding circumstance or event, focus on changing fautly thoughts that cause behaviour, to set going by taking the first step, unpleasant physical symptoms occur if drug stopped, pertaining to or represented by lines english , to keep from changing or fluctuating, to make firm teacher , incorporate within oneself, to make subjective, to figure out the origin, nature or definitive characteristics, to regress after partial recovery from an addiction, Best teacher, perceive outcfomes as good decisions, minimize -decisio, desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things, an inability to experience pleasure interactive ,