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UNIT ONE - Spanish colonies

After carefully reading the %22Iberian Powers%22 and %22Pope%22 handouts, complete the activity until you score at least 90%25 in order to earn twenty-five points.

1. Which historic figure was depicted in a statue housed in the Capitol after being donated by New Mexico?
Nathaniel Bacon, Fernando Pizarro, George III, Pope
2. Which terms are associated with the social class system established by the Spanish in the Western Hemisphere?
mestizo and Camino Real, Camino Real and peninsulare, mestizo and peninsulare, Pope and presidio
3. Which group had the most influence in Spanish colonies?
Native people, Peninsulare, Mestizo, Africans
4. What was San Juan Batista?
Pope%27s headquarters, a Spanish mission, a Cortez retreat, a Portugese shipyard
5. All of the following areas were part of the Spanish colonies with the exception of
Southwestern United States, South Carolina, Mexico, Florida
6. invite students What theory describes the message of %22Cortez the Killer?%22
Black Legend, Antinomianism, Salutary neglect, Direct taxation
7. Which European powers participated in the papal line of demarcation plus the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Spanish and Portugese, British and Spanish, French and British, Dutch and Swedish
8. What was the name of the peninsula containing Portugal and Spain?
Sinai, Arabian, Iberian, Yucatan
9. What provides the best definition of realm?
area over which monarchs rule, the secret weapon used by Cortez against the Aztecs, a measure taken by an astrolabe, swift sailing caravel