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UNIT ONE - Procedures / APUSH / 2013

Please drag the descriptions and drop them on the appropriate category. This should be completed until scoring 100%25 in order to earn the twenty-five point credit.

Inappropriate, Class content, Grading, Scholarly Habits,

hanging in there / persistence, moving beyond facts, demonstrate higher order thinking, 85%25 for standards based marks, completing tasks, 15%25 for 21st century skills marks, one late pass Mulligan for a 21st century mark, passing off an encyclopedia article as one%27s work, efficiently manage time, texting answers, using electronic devices during class, viewing a student%27s work and copying, turning in homework whenever one wants, emailing homework answers to a friend, completing an APUSH assignment with a friend, Unit One / Colonial America, first unit based on Colonial handouts, start using textbook with second unit, Brinkley is the textbook, Spanish colonialism is first major topic, teaching keep technology off and away,