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Week One Vocabulary - A Fine, Fine School

This activity will help you learn vocabulary from Lesson 1 and the story, %22A Fine, Fine School.%22

Character, Certainly, Problem, Solution, Worried, Principal teaching , Plot, Strolled, Predict, Fine , Announced , Setting, Proud, Soared, Infer, Summarize,

Walked slowly, To figure something out that is not stated directly, Thinking about something bad that may happen, Very nice learning , Made known crossword maker , Something difficult that needs to be solved, The people and animals in a story, The leader of a school, The way a problem is solved in a story, Flew upward, Briefly tell the important parts of a story, The order of story events, The place where a story takes place, To tell what might happen in the future, Pleased with yourself or someone else, Surely,