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Orange Line 5, Unit 1_Aspects (Climb up)

Find the translation of the words!

1. australisches Hinterland
Outback, convict, sea wasp, option
2. online Oper
opera, truckie, to sting, stung, stung, Outback
3. Taucher
diver, rabbit, to claim, ranger
4. australischer Ureinwohner
Aborigine, dingo, convict, sentence
5. Kontinent, Erdteil
continent, sentence printable , dingo, capital
6. beanspruchen, einfordern
to claim, death, continent, dead
7. Sträfling, Gefangener
convict, Down Under, dingo, reef
8. Gefängnis
jail computer assisted language learning , continent, cable car, blog
9. Tod
death, eucalyptus, dead, colony
10. tot
dead, Down Under, to overtake, overtook, overtaken, blog
11. Verurteilung, Urteil, Strafe
sentence, jail, duty, reef
12. Kolonie
colony, duty, to protect, Down Under
13. Steckbrief, Porträt, Profil
profile, Outback, cute, convict
14. Trucker, Lastwagenfahrer
truckie computer assisted language learning , jail, diver, truth
15. kritisieren
to criticise, cute, reef, sea wasp
16. überholen
to overtake, overtook, overtaken, to protect, diver, death
17. Staub
dust, Down Under, sea wasp, diver
18. Wahrheit
truth, to sting, stung, stung, Down Under, to keep an eye on sb./sth.
19. Fernlaster, LKW-zug
road train, to claim, cable car, jail
20. Internet-Tagebuch
blog, eucalyptus, convict, duty
21. Auswahlmöglich-keit, Option
option, diver, creature, barbecue
22. Geschöpf, Lebewesen, Kreatur
creature, kangaroo, diver, cute
23. web tool Spitzname für Australien
Down Under, cute, dead, kangaroo
24. Koala
koala, to keep an eye on sb./sth., to sting, stung, stung, reef
25. australischer Wildhund (Dingo)
dingo learning , capital, truckie, barbecue
26. Schnabeltier
duck-billed platypus, cute, koala, profile
27. Seewespe (giftige Qualle)
sea wasp, blog, kangaroo, to keep an eye on sb./sth.
28. stechen, beißen
to sting, stung, stung, death, to keep an eye on sb./sth., opera
29. crossword maker Eukalyptus
eucalyptus, kangaroo, continent, barbecue
30. Kaninchen
rabbit, jail, cute, sea wasp
31. Hauptstadt
capital, sentence, truckie, truth
32. Grill(party)
barbecue, colony, dust, dead
33. Seilbahn
cable car, Aborigine, sea wasp, sentence
34. süß
cute, kangaroo, truckie, Aborigine
35. Riff
reef, capital, eucalyptus, duty
36. Wildhüter(in)
ranger, koala, sentence, death
37. english Pflicht, Aufgabe
duty, diver, to keep an eye on sb./sth., death
38. jmd./etw. im Auge behalten
to keep an eye on sb./sth., continent, to claim, opera
39. (be)schützen
to protect, to claim, sentence, cute
40. typisch
typically, to criticise, diver, blog