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Spanish 3 - ch. 1 vocab

mentiroso, el sentimiento, tener celos, divorciado, el divorcio educational activities , seguro, adorar, solo, coquetear, el ánimo, el amado active teaching , tímido, pasarlo fatal online learning games , proponer matrimonio, la pareja , gracioso, la confianza, cariñoso, soñar online , viudo, tacaño, autoritario web 2.0 , tener vergüenza, la cita, educar, emocionado, soportar a alguien, estar harto de, odiar, atraer, cuidadoso create online tests , orgulloso teacher ,

to adore, divorce, to flirt, loved one, to hate, spirit multiple choice questions , excited, alone, lonely, feeling, lying, to be ashamed, widowed, sure, confident, strict, proud multiple choice questions , shy educational activities , to be fed up with online , to be jealous class web page , funny, divorced active teaching , couple, to attract crossword maker , to dream, careful, to have a terrible time, to put up with someone, date, stingy, to raise, bring up school , affectionate, to propose, trust, confidence online quizzes ,