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All By Myself | Song

1. Sometimes I ________ so insecure
young, drunk, hungry,
2. Living ________
cheated, needed, leaded,
3. All by myself Don%27t wanna be All by myself Anymore
run, one, fun,
4. Hard to be ________
done, gone, forgotten,
5. And making love was just for ________
along, alone, lonely generate answer keys ,
6. Those days are ________
known, met, shown,
7. And love so distant and ________
phone, telephone, mobile phone,
8. I think of all the friends I%27ve ________
gone, poem, home,
9. Remains the ________
, ,
10. %22ALL BY MYSELF%22
sure, assured generate answer keys , reassured,
11. When I was ________
feel, fall, fill,
12. Nobody%27s ________
secure, unsure, obscure,
13. But when I dial the ________
sure, cure, blur,