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Endless Love | Song

1. %27Cause no, I can%27t ________
world, life, mind,
2. Two ________Two ________ that beat as one
fine, alright, right,
3. The only thing that%27s ________
make, bake, take,
take, make, fake,
5. All my ________ with you
chair, share, shave prepare quiz ,
6. My love, there%27s only you in my ________
heart, life, love,
7. You%27re every step I ________
do, make, too,
8. You know I don%27t ________
cries, eyss, lies,
9. They tell me how much you ________
rare, dare, care,
10. And I%27ll ________ it all to you, my love
, learning ,
11. For you, I%27m ________
hearts, heads, minds,
12. Oh, yes You%27ll always be My endless love
begin, began save time , begun,
13. And ________
forever, ever, never,
14. You%27d be the only ________
close, closed, clothesstimulate your students ,
15. And yes, you mean the ________ to me
insist, resist, exist,
16. And your ________
pay, play, pray,
17. I know I%27ve ________ in you My endless love
sure, assured, reassured,
18. No one else will ________
climb, mind, find,
19. This love I have ________
world, word, whole,
20. I can%27t ________ your charms
pound, surround, found,
21. My first love, you%27re every breath I ________
love, one, baby,
22. And I, I want to ________
try, rely, deny,
23. And I, I%27d ________ the fool
by your side, inside, outside,
24. Our lives have just ________
live, give, forgive online education ,