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Nobody Wants to be Lonely | Song

1. Looking out the ________
house, room, night,
2. ________ to me
lonely, along, alone,
3. Nobody wants to be lonely So why don%27t you ________ me love you
bay, city, window computer assisted language learning ,
4. Don%27t ________ away
sold, cold, bold,
5. Do you hear my ________
will, pill, feel,
6. I want to feel you ________ me
heart, arrowstimulate your students , meadow,
7. So ________ it hurts inside
stand, withstand, understand,
8. And suddenly you%27re ________ down the stairs
Run, Come, Think,
9. So your ________ can find me, oh
Couldn%27t, Can, Can%27t,
10. It%27s a ________
cry, die, try,
11. %27Cause I%27m ________
looking, longing, craving,
12. Lost the ________ to love
mad, bad, sad,
13. Time is ________ and it%27s slipping away
precious, anxious, cautious,
14. And you%27re all ________
searching, seeking, waiting,
15. ________ to me
leave, let, make,
16. ________ you see that
choice, voice, invoice,
17. There you are in a darkened ________
thong, song, poem,
18. I need you here in my ________
marmalade, escalade, seranade,
19. Into my ________, oh baby
head, heart, heir,
walking, fighting, flying,
21. And I%27ve been ________ for you all of my life
arms, forearms, charm,
22. Before I ________ going crazy
being, start, initiate,
23. Your heart is ________ and
Come, Run, Talk,
24. Can you hear my ________
crying, diving, dying,
25. Just like the air you%27re ________
knew, need, seek,
26. Here I ________ in the shadows
breatheing, breathing, breething,
27. Nobody wants to be lonely Nobody wants to ________
light, life, live,
28. My body%27s ________ to hold you
walk, talk, go,