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Don%27t Know Why | Song

1. Out across the endless ________
run, sun short answer questions , gun dynamic quiz ,
2. But you%27ll be on my ________ forever
lounge, house, home,
3. I wished that I could ________ away
break, awake, mistake,
4. But I%27ll be a ________ of bones
try, cry, fly,
5. My ________ is drenched in wine
healing, kneeling, dealing educational activities ,
6. %22DON%27T KNOW WHY%22
teardrops, raindrops improve results , waterdrops,
7. I left you by the ________ of fun I don%27t know why I didn%27t come
head, heart, hair,
8. I waited %27til I saw the ________ I don%27t know why I didn%27t come
mind, heart ESL , soul,
9. Driving down the road ________
sea, see, %22c%22,
10. Instead of ________ in the sand
cry, try, die,
11. I would ________ in ecstasy
leg, bag, tag,
12. Catching ________ in my hand
lonely, along, alone,