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What Makes You Beautiful | Song

1. You%27re ________, don%27t know what for
insecure, secure, sure,
2. And ________ away when I look into your eyes
heads, hearts, heirs,
3. Baby you ________ up my world like nobody else
full cup, break up, make-up,
4. Everyone else in the ________ can see it
Seeing, Beeing, Living web tool ,
5. You%27re turning ________ when you walk through the door
moon, cartoon, room,
6. The way that you ________ your hair gets me overwhelmed
I, you dynamic quiz , we,
7. That%27s what makes you ________
fight, light, tight,
8. Everyone else but ________
flip, clip, zip,
9. ________ the way that you are is enough
ground, pound, round,
10. I don%27t know why, you%27re being ________
painful, colourful, beautiful,
11. So girl, come on, you got it ________
hopeful, colourful, beautiful,
wrong, strong, right,
13. To prove I%27m right I put it in a ________
song, poem, story,
14. You don%27t know oh oh You don%27t know you%27re ________
dry, shy, high,
15. But when you smile at the ________ it ain%27t hard to tell
burn, come, turn,