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Come Away With Me | Song

1. Come away with me on a ________
night, sight, dark,
2. With their ________
sing, write, tell,
3. On a ________
tour, bus class website , train,
4. Come away where they can%27t ________ us
attempt, intent, tempt,
5. While I%27m safe there in your ________
lies, tries, pies,
talk, walk, rock,
7. Come away with me and we%27ll ________
sunny, windy, cloudy,
8. Come away with me and I will ________ you a song
pass, chess, grass,
9. Come away with me in the ________
wii, knee, bee,
10. ________-high
go, come, cam,
11. So won%27t you try to ________
miss, bliss, kiss,
12. On a ________ day
mountaintop, mountain peak, mountain bottom,
13. I want to ________ with you
loving, longing, looking,
14. In fields where the yellow ________ grows
rain, pain, vain,
15. Come away with me and I%27ll never stop ________ you
roof, proof crossword maker , goof,
16. And I want to wake up with the ________
arms, body, forearms online education ,
17. Falling on a tin ________
, ,