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Over My Shoulder | Song

1. I just never ________ to let you go
see, sing, sink,
2. Baby, please, tell me that I%27m ________
thought, dreamed, drink,
3. Could it be that we ________ together?
thought, wish invite students , wanted,
4. I don%27t even ________ the reason why
pain, aching, sore,
5. Everybody told me you were ________
sparkling, starting, sparking,
6. I wish we were ________ over
drifting, drinking, dripping,
7. Just to smile and hold my head up ________
leaving, living, leading,
8. Oh, instead of ________ so far apart
test, last, best,
9. I don%27t mind ________ laughing
driving, dreaming, drifting,
10. Looking back, over my shoulder I can ________ that look in your eyes
wish, want, desire,
11. I never ________ to say goodbye
see, sink, sing,
12. ________ me up, deeper and deeper
Telling, Hurting, Tearing,
13. ________ my heart, over and over I never wanted to say goodbye
everyone, everybody, somebody results history ,
14. But it%27s enough to make a ________ man cry
grown, gown, grose web 2.0 ,
sleeping, slipping, sliding,
16. Fills me with a ________ that I can%27t hide
show, now, know,
17. Every day it%27s a losing ________
castle, battle, cattle,
18. Looking back, over my shoulder I can ________ that look in your eyes
die, tight teaching , high,
19. Baby, won%27t you give me one more ________?
believe, belong, begin,
20. Cause I can feel you ________ through my fingers
lie, cry, try,
21. Looking back over my shoulder Oh, with an ________ feeling inside
aching, hurting build your own quiz , sore,
22. Looking back, over my shoulder With an ________ deep in my heart
Putting, Hurting, Cutting,
23. Funny I should be the ________ to know
madness, sadness, badness,