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Don%27t Worry, Be Happy | Song

1. %22DON%27T WORRY, BE HAPPY%22
oeem, story, song,
2. Ain%27t got no place to lay your ________
see, sink, sing,
3. Let me ________ you my phone number
trouble, problem, issue,
4. %27Cause when you worry your ________ will frown
triple, quadruple, double,
5. You might want to ________ it note for note Don%27t worry, be happy
heart, head, hair,
6. But when you worry you make it ________Don%27t worry, be happy
pet, bear, bed,
7. When you worry, ________ me I will make you happyDon%27t worry...... be happy
late, paid, up,
8. Don%27t worry, don%27t worry, don%27t do it, be happy Let the smile on your face Don%27t bring everybody down like this Don%27t worry, people will soon pass what ever it is Don%27t worry, be happy I am not worried, %22I am happy%22
imitate, initiate, litigate,
9. The landlord say your rent is ________
tell, give, greet interactive ,
10. Here%27s a little ________ I wrote
call, ring, phone,
11. Ain%27t got no ________ to make you smileDon%27t worry, be happy
cash, trash, moustache,
12. In every life we have some ________
gold, girl, gifts generate answer keys ,
13. Ain%27t got no ________, ain%27t got no style
face, forehead, cheek educational games ,
14. Somebody came and took your ________ Don%27t worry, be happy
string, spring, bring,
15. And that will ________ everybody downSo don%27t worry, be happy
, ,