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Water Runs Dry | Song

1. And some just don%27t know how to ________
speak, talk grading , kiss,
2. We might watch our whole ________ pass us by
value, review, argue,
3. We don%27t even ________ anymore
so, no, much,
4. Now, they can see the ________ in our eyes, yeah
stronger, longer, more,
5. Why do we ________ love away?
work, world results history , word,
6. Don%27t even say I love you ________ more
range, exchange, change,
7. Let%27s not wait till the water runs ________
die, dry, try,
8. Deep in our ________
lives, lifes, leaves,
9. But we deny the pain that ________
largest, worst, biggest,
10. Some people will ________ things out
darling, baby, honey,
11. %27Cause ________ knows that we%27re both torn apart
fears, dear elearning , tears,
12. Don%27t do it, ________
tries, lies, lives,
13. Well maybe that%27s a pain we can%27t ________
hearts, heads, heirs,
14. %22WATER RUNS DRY%22
guide, hide, ride,
15. %27Cause saying how we feel is no ________ allowed
nobody, everybody, somebody,
16. We%27ll make the ________ mistake of our lives
hurt, flirt online activities , divert,
17. And we don%27t even know what we ________ about
push, bush, pull,