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I will always love you

1. If I should ________
stay, say, pay,
2. And I will always love you I will always love you
day, way, ray,
3. So, goodbye. Please, don%27t ________
know, throw, grow,
step, pet, regret,
5. And I wish to you, joy and happiness.
, ,
6. I would only be in your ________
baby, honey, darling,
7. So I%27ll go, but I ________
A bit sweet, Bitter trips and, Bittersweet,
8. But ________ all this, I wish you love
baking, making, taking,
9. I%27ll think of you ev%27ry ________ of the way
die, cry, try educational activities ,
10. I hope life treats you ________
want, need, desire,
11. We both know I%27m not what you, you ________
kind, mind, fine,
12. And I ________ you have all you%27ve dreamed of.
hope, cope create online tests , want,
13. ________ memories
hapinness, happiness, happines,
14. that is all I%27m ________ with me.
beyond, despite, above,