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I Believe I Can Fly | Song

1. If I just believe it, there%27s ________ to it
think, thank, sing,
2. There are miracles in this life I ________ achieve
beautiful, awful, great,
3. If I can see it then I ________ do it
untrue, real, true,
4. But first it%27s got to ________ inside of me
body, chest, arms,
5. I see me ________ through that open door
should, could, can,
anything, nothing, something,
7. I%27m leaning on the ever lasting ________
reach, touch educational activities , get to crossword maker ,
8. That life was nothing but an ________ song
morning, afternoon, night,
9. Sometimes the ________ could seem so loud
spread, open teaching , move,
10. But now I know the meaning of ________ love
poar, soar, roar dynamic quiz ,
11. I believe I can fly I believe I can ________ the sky
walking, stepping, running,
12. See I was on the verge of breaking ________
about, down, up,
13. I believe I can ________
silence, violence, science,
14. ________ my wings and fly away
wish, want, desire,
15. I used to ________ that I could not go on
sparkle, start, spark,