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Home | Song

1. from where you are I wanna ________ home
winter, summer educational games , spring crossword maker ,
2. Each one a line or ________
London, New York, Paris,
3. And you ________ more than that
zillion, billion, million,
4. My words were cold and ________
alone, along e-learning , lonely,
5. “I’m fine ________, how are you?”
stay, arrive, go,
6. I’m lucky, I ________
kiss, piss, miss,
7. I just wanna ________ home
emails, postcards, letters,
8. I’m ________ back home
to, two, too,
9. Baby, I’m ________, I gotta go home
darling, baby matching excercise , honey,
10. And I know just why you could not ________ along with me
enough, tough, though,
11. %22HOME%22
fat, flat, fart,
12. Let me go home I’m just too ________
desire, deserve, want,
13. Oh, I ________ you, you know
plane, aeroplane, train,
14. In ________ and Rome but I wanna go home
sunny, warm, funny test ,
15. I still feel all ________
show, know, see,
16. Another ________
%27ve got, %27d got, %27ve go,
17. Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not ________
far, flat, fart,
18. May be surrounded by a ________ people
go, stay, come,
19. When everything was going ________
living, leaving, leading tool for teachers ,
20. Another ________ day has come and gone away
stopped, stayed quiz , stepped,
21. It’s like I just ________ outside
right, fine, alright,
22. And I feel just like I’m ________ someone else’s life
stay, come, cam,
23. Another ________ place
dream, drink, drive,
24. Another ________ day has come
supported, believed, betrayed,
25. But I wanna go home, I ________to go home
summer, autumn, winter,
26. %27Cause this was not your ________
fun, run, sun,
27. But you always ________ in me
homesick, done online quizzes , undone,
28. And I’ve been keeping all the ________ that I wrote to you
going, travelling, coming,