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When you Believe | Song

1. we barely ________
played, prayed, paid,
2. When you believe, ________ you will
fear, ear, hear teaching ,
3. And it%27s easy to give in to your ________
poem, song, story,
4. I%27d never ________ I%27d say
understood, stood class web page , listened to,
5. my heart so full I can%27t ________
among, along, long,
6. They don%27t always ________ when you ask
miracles, mistakes online quizzes , obstacles,
7. with no proof anyone could ________
feel, kill, fill,
8. Says help is very ________
reach, achieve, receive build your own quiz ,
9. Can%27t ________ you way clear through the rain
anyhow, somewhere, somehow,
10. ________ faith and speaking words
believe, achieve dynamic quiz , perceive,
11. There can be ________, when you believe
tear, fear, dear,
12. too swiftly flown ________
prayer, layer, player,
13. Hope seems like the ________ birds
winter, spring, summer,
14. Many nights we ________
away, apart, along,
15. In our hearts a hopeful ________
understanding, spending, standing,
16. In this time of ________
disdain, explain, contain create online activities ,
17. You will when you ________
Seeking, Searching, Sending,
18. But when you%27re blinded by your ________
though, thought quiz generator , tough,
19. A small but still resilient ________
happen, happened, happenned,
20. Though hope is frail, It%27s hard to ________
tear, fear dynamic quiz , bear,
pain, rain, stain,
22. Yet now I%27m ________ here
feel, see, view,
23. when ________ so often proves in vain
voice, choice, feeling,
24. Who knows what miracles, you can ________
near, here, there,