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By Your Side | Song

1. You know me ________ than that
leave, live, lift,
2. and you can%27t ________ in
best, better, worse,
3. you%27re so much better than you ________
leave, live, lift,
4. You think I%27d ________ your side, baby?
knees, feet, legs,
5. I ________ do that
shouldn%27t, couldn%27t, wouldn%27t,
6. Oh when you´re ________ I%27ll be there
right, straight, wrong,
7. %22BY YOUR SIDE%22
bruises, wound, round,
8. hold you ________ to me
sink, sing, see,
9. Think I%27d ________ you down
old, bold, cold,
10. when you%27re ________ and you can%27t get back again
tight, right, bright,
11. I am here to dry your ________
outdoor, outside, downside,
12. When you´re on the ________ baby
step, get, bet,
13. And if you want to ________
show, call, blow,
14. In no time you%27ll be ________
know, think, imagine,
15. if only you could ________ into me
sad, shocked, lost,
16. I%27ll tell you%27re ________ when you want
among, alone, along,
17. when you%27re down on your ________?
darling, honey, dear,
18. I%27ll, I%27ll find the ________
lie, cry, die web tool ,
19. When you%27re ________
eyes, lies, ties,
20. I will find you ________ and I%27ll bring you home
ok, alright, fine,