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Thank You | Song

1. And then you ________ me and it%27s not so bad
hot, warm, cold,
2. My ________ just feels in pain
how, when, why,
3. And I%27m ________ through and through
sun, sunshine, rain,
4. Push the ________, I%27m home at last
black, gray, white,
5. Because you%27re ________ me and...
picture, photo, image,
6. That I might not ________ the day
reminds, remembers, shows,
7. I%27m wondering ________ I got out of bed at all
ran, drank, slept distance learning ,
8. And even if I%27m there, they%27ll all ________
head, heart, hair,
9. For ________ me the best day of my life
train, bus test , plane,
10. But your ________ on my wall
gym, job educational activities , work,
11. And I can%27t see at all and even if I could it%27d all be ________,
imply, deny, apply,
12. I wouldn%27t have a ________
last, test, pass,
13. Oh just to ________ with you
ring, call, phone,
14. I ________ to thank you
want, haveweb page, desire,
15. Then you handed me a ________ and all I see is you
presenting, giving, greeting,
16. And even if my house falls ________ now
stay, be e-learning , play,
17. It ________ me that it%27s not so bad
having, experiencing, seeing,
18. The morning ________ clouds up my window
window, door, chair,
19. My tea%27s gone ________
soaking, floating, glowing,
20. %22THANK YOU%22
soap, toothbrush, towel,
21. I missed the ________ and there%27ll be hell today
up, down, apart,
22. Is ________ the best day of my life
hint, clue, thought,
23. I%27m late for ________ again
near, here, there,