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Fly Love | Song

1. Made to ________ each other,
thinking, telling, trying,
2. When I saw your ________
looking, searching, seeking,
3. I know that I%27m ________
eyes, face results history , Facebook,
4. Don%27t know how it ________, don%27t know why
looking, staring, walking,
5. so much more than ________ before
seeking, peaking, preaching,
6. Through the palm ________
top, trees, three,
7. So when sky high, as the ________dry
breeze, breath, breathe,
8. but you don%27t really need a ________
feeling, feeding, featuring,
9. than I ________ I could do
never, forever, ever,
10. made to be together for a ________ time
giving, getting, greeting,
11. Wasn%27t ________ for an answer in the moonlight
thought, though distant learning , tough,
12. Now I know love is ________
started, happened, began,
13. Saw you ________ at me
rythm, river school , reason,
14. ________ you and I fly love
shine, sparkle crossword maker , shy,
15. Just to ________ in love
fault, fall, felt,
16. And so I%27m ________ more to you
live, love, like,
17. Saw you ________ out from under moon beams
long, life, lively,
18. Wasn%27t really ________, wasn%27t looking
flying, dying, flipping,
19. In the sunshine, ________ in the sky
real, fake, relative class website ,
20. Swaying in the ________
angells, angles educational games , angels,
21. %22FLY LOVE%22
Living, Letting, Lending,