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1. A: I didn%27t enjoy the film. B: ____ did I.
the class starts, starts the class, does the class start, ,
2. Sally%27s a vegetarian, ____ she?
do you know, have you been knowing, have you known, ,
3. A: You look tired! B: That%27s because I ____ tennis all morning.
don%27t you like, you don%27t like, you not like, ,
4. I%27m not sure whether my friend and her partner are a good ____.
does, is, speaks, ,
5. I had to go to hospital when I ____ my ankle.
So, Neither, No, ,
6. Could you tell me what time ____?
Do, Have , Did, ,
7. I%27ll call you ____ after we%27ve eaten.
when, for, since, ,
8. The kind of person who gets angry easily.
did lock , didn%27t lock, lock, ,
9. It was the most difficult exam ____ in all my life.
hasn%27t , doesn%27t, isn%27t, ,
10. A: You forgot to lock the door last night. B: That%27s not true, I ____ it! I remember perfectly.
Vicky lives, does Vicky live, Vicky does live, ,
11. My sister ____ when I introduced her to a good-looking friend of mine.
played, %27ve played, %27ve been playing, ,
12. I%27m trying to be more healthy by cutting ____ on sweets and chocolate.
%27ve cut, cut, %27ve been cutting quiz , ,
13. A person who has a sense of humour
can, can%27t, don%27t, ,
14. You can play the violin, ____ you?
quick, more quickly, quicker, ,
15. I%27ve lived in this town ____ I was ten years old.
I%27ve ever done, I ever did, I%27ve ever been doing, ,
16. How long ____ at this language school?
I%27ve already played, I%27ve already been playing, I%27ve been already playing, ,
17. Do you know where ____?
am, do, think, ,
18. The ____ you finish your homework, the sooner you can go out.
have you been, did you go, have you been going, ,
19. Why ____ jazz?
do you study, have you been studying, you have been studying, ,
20. I ____ and then I fainted.
moody, eccentric, well-balanced, ,
21. I%27ve got a(n) ____. It hurts when I swallow food.
bad-tempered, stubborn, reserved, ,
22. Jamie%27s going to give ____ piano lessons because he doesn%27t have time.
loyal, funny, easy-going, ,
23. A: I did the shopping this morning. B: ____ you? That%27s great.
bossy, conscientious, arrogant,
24. The kind of person who isn%27t good at sharing things.
sociable, assertiveweb page, wise, ,
25. A person who expresses his / her ideas strongly and with confidence.
impulsive, pessimistic, possessive, ,
26. Jack often finds it difficult to breathe. He%27s got ____.
vain, calm, cheerful, ,
27. Somebody who doesn%27t get easily stressed
a rash, diarrhoea, asthma, ,
28. Look at your hand! You ____ yourself.
bandages, injections, X-rays, ,
29. How long ____ each other?
had a blister, felt dizzyweb page, was unconscious, ,
30. Someone who thinks he / she is better than other people.
headache, earache, sore throat, ,
31. I don%27t speak Italian, but my boyfriend ____.
scans, stitches, wounds, ,
32. Slow ____! You%27re driving too fast!
aches, vomits, attacks, ,
33. I cut my hand badly on a knife and had to have five ____.
sneezed, swollen, twisted, ,
34. My back ____ when I spend too long sitting at my computer.
up, out, down, ,
35. A: Do you want to come and play football? B: No, thanks. ____ twice this week.
match, partner, type, ,
36. ____ all the biscuits?
chatted, raised, giggled, ,
37. A: Do you think it%27s going to snow? B: Yes, I ____. The temperature has dropped.
away, up, in, ,
38. Someone who is emotionally in control can be described as a/an ____ person
up, down, away, ,
39. I hate ____ because I%27m scared of needles.
on , to, back, ,