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Frozen | Song

1. Let all the hurt inside of you ________
want, are, won%27t school ,
2. Love is a ________, she needs to fly
you desire, you expect, you want,
3. You%27re so ________ with how much you get
mind%27s, life%27s, heart%27s,
4. You waste your time with hate and ________
tired, consumed, obsessed,
5. Mmmmmm, if I could ________ your heart
your pet, regret, no rest,
6. Mmmmmm, we%27d never be ________
have, fix, melt crossword maker ,
7. You%27re frozen when your ________ not open
apart, far, afraid,
8. Mmmmmm, give youself to me, you ________
are the key, aren%27t the key, want the key,
9. %22FROZEN%22
bird, plane, butterfly,
10. You only see what your eyes ________ to see
die, try, cry crossword maker ,