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1. That dress looks fantastic! It fits you like a #.
A Pole, The Poles, Polish,
2. You sit on one of these on a plane. It%27s a(n) #.
ate quickly, quickly ate, ate quick learning ,
3. Can you turn # the TV, please? I can’t hear it very well.
A Chinese, Chinese girl, A Chinese girl class website ,
4. # are friendly, hard-working people.
green long silk, long green silk, silk long green dynamic quiz ,
5. Jack # because he was so hungry.
hadn’t been finishing, didn’t finish, hadn’t finished,
6. Another word for luggage is #.
doesn’t usually drink, doesn’t drink usually, usually doesn’t drink online quizzes ,
7. Your jeans are going to fall down. They’re too #.
always late, ate always, lately always build your own quiz ,
8. Swimsuits are usually made of #.
old lovely little, lovely little old, little old lovely,
9. I don’t like patterned shirts. I prefer # clothes.
had gone out, had been going out, has been going out,
10. People usually think we’re sisters, but # we’re just good friends.
had left, had been leaving ESL , left,
11. Michael’s # for work.
extremely excited is, is excited extremely, is extremely excited,
12. I was at work #.
taught, had taught computer assisted language learning , was teaching,
13. I’ll take # , please.
was running, had run, ran,
14. I met my husband when I # English in Lithuania.
’done, ’d been doing, were doing,
15. Jane’s been very quiet # . I think she’s worried about something.
poor, the poor, the poor people,
16. I think the # skirt suits you best.
the green ones, the green, the ones green,
17. I think you should wear your red dress tonight. It really # you.
such hard, so hard, so hardly, ,
18. Yesterday, I found # that Anna has been going out with Tim for ages.
all yesterday day, yesterday all day, all day yesterday,
19. The person that looks after you during a flight is called #.
a so, a such, such an,
20. Are you going to # for the dinner tonight?
old-fashioned, stylish, scruffy,
21. My little brother # about his birthday party.
In, At, By,
22. My sister # coffee.
smart, checked, loose,
23. Ben’s so # . He always dresses really well.
up, down, around,
24. I worked # that I finished the job early.
matches, fits, suits,
25. # has joined our English class.
obviously, actually, especially,
26. He got out of the car and # into the bank.
down, up, on,
27. The place where you pick up your suitcase is called #.
lycra, silk, linen,
28. My grandparents have a(n) # cottage in the country.
denim, hooded, plain,
29. I love swimming in the sea, # when it’s a really hot day.
at the moment, actually, even,
30. Jack’s just bought a # sports car.
wear up, dress over, dress up,
31. Ben # with Karen for two years when he asked her to marry him.
in, about, out,
32. We # the exam for about an hour, when the fire alarm went off.
sock, glove, shoe,
33. I didn’t want to go home because the party # .
late, later, lately,
34. They knocked # the old hospital and built a new one.
customs, air crew, passengers,
35. The government should do more to help #.
baggage, porter, trolley,
36. That was # amazing play – I’ll have to go and see it again.
taking off, landing, boarding,
37. A word which means ‘coming down from the air’ is #.
pilot, security printable , flight attendant,
38. # the end of the match, we went for a coffee.
baggage reclaim , passport control , check-in ,
39. When I got to the theatre, I realized I # the tickets at home.
aisle, seat, suitcase,