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Firework | Song

1. If you only knew what the future ________
fill, file, feel,
2. Do you ever ________, ________ so paper thin
start, stare, steal,
3. You%27re original, cannot be ________
feel, feel, fill, feel, file, fill,
4. Do you ever ________ like a plastic bag
blow, glow, throw,
5. Do you ever feel already ________ deep?
burned, buried, blurred,
6. Come on, show %27em what you%27re ________
here, hire, hear grading ,
7. %22FIREWORK%22
know, now, show,
8. Just own the night like the ________ of July
star, spare, spark quiz generator ,
9. After a hurricane ________ a rainbow
try, shine, drive,
10. Six feet under screams, but no one seems to ________ a thing
4th, 14th, 24th,
11. Maybe you%27re reason why all the doors are ________
dear, honey, baby,
12. Boom, boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon It%27s always been inside of you, you, you And now it%27s time to let it through
worth, word, worst,
13. Do you ________ that there%27s still a chance for you
sky, lie, why,
14. And when it%27s time, you%27ll ________
, ,
15. Like a lightning bolt, your ________ will blow
waste, waist, wave distance learning ,
16. So you could open one that ________ you to the perfect road
realized, released, replaced,
17. Baby, you%27re a firework Come on, let your colors burst Make %27em go, oh, oh, oh You%27re gonna leave %27em falling down
holds, holes, whole,
18. %27Cause there%27s a ________ in you?
comes, can, come,
19. Make %27em go, oh, oh, oh, as you shoot across the ________
close, closed, clause,
20. %27Cause ________ you%27re a firework
leaves, lives, leads,
21. You don%27t have to feel like a ________ of space
heart, head, heaps,
22. You just gotta ignite the light and let it ________
know, show, go,
23. Like a house of cards, one ________ from caving in?
, ,