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You Are Not Alone | Song

1. Asking me to come and hold you in my ________
sad, alone, happy,
2. That you are not alone, I am ________with you
could, should, can,
3. I can hear your prayers, Your burdens I will ________
good-bye, hello, hi, baby,
4. Something ________ in my ear and says:
day, life teacher , world,
5. Every day I sit and ask ________, how did love slip away?
my mom, myself, my friends,
whispers, tells, says,
7. Another day has gone, I%27m still all ________
here, there, always,
8. Did you have to go? And leave my ________ so cold?
away, apart, along,
9. You never said ________, someone tell me why
night, day, month,
10. Though you%27re far ________, I am here to stay
arms, body, hands,
11. How ________ this be? You%27re not here with me
bear, care, wear,
12. Just the other ________, I thought I heard you cry
start, initiate, begin,
13. But first I need your hand, then forever can ________
walking, running, cycling,
14. Oh, whisper three words, and I%27ll come ________, fly
love, dear learning , girl,