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Yellow | Song

1. And all the ________ you do, and it was called %22Yellow%22
stars, sky, moon,
2. %22YELLOW%22
are bright, shine, call,
3. Oh what a thing to do, cos you ________ all %22Yellow%22
anything, everything, all the things,
4. Turn into something ________
alone, along, on my own,
5. Do you know, you know I ________ you so, you know I love you so
song, story, poem,
6. I swam ________, I jumped across for you
work, stuff, things,
7. So then I took my ________
turn, time, burn,
8. It%27s ________, look how they shine for you
done, said, thought,
9. I wrote a ________for you
skin, eyes, hair,
10. And ________ you do, yeah, they were all yellow
amazing, beautiful, awesome grading ,
11. Look how they ________ for you
want, love, hate,
12. And you know, for you I%27d ________ myself dry
across, along, outside,
13. I came ________
were, was, have been,
14. Your ________, oh yeah, your skin and bones
made, drew, created,
15. Oh, what a thing to have ________, and it was all %22Yellow%22
bleed, cut, kill educational games ,
16. I ________ a line, I ________ a line for you
wrong, true, false,