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Teenage Dream | Song

1. and don%27t ever look ________
pretty, gorgeous, amazing,
2. I knew you got me, so you let your ________ come down
make-up, lipstick, blush,
3. I can%27t ________, let%27s run away
smart, clever, funny,
4. The way you turn me ________
right, wrong, greatly,
5. I think you%27re ________
Halls, malls, walls,
6. I will get your heart ________ if that%27s what you need in this Teenage dream tonight
right, alright, depressed,
7. I think you%27re ________
difficult, heavy interactive , problematic,
8. You brought me to ________
life, time, reality,
9. But things were kinda ________
January, February, March,
10. You make me ________ like I%27m living a Teenage Dream
the night, tonight class page , tomorrow,
11. When you%27re around me, life is like a movie ________
rush, push, George Bush,
12. I wasn%27t happy until you became my ________
cry, die active teaching , try ESL ,
13. Without any ________ on
eternally, forever, for the rest of our lives prepare quiz ,
14. There%27s no need to ________
think, feel, fall,
15. Let%27s just talk all through ________
on, out, in,
16. I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece... I%27m ________
rest, sleep, close my eyes,
17. Just one touch, now baby I ________
forward, behind, back,
18. We can dance until we ________
head, mind, heart,
19. Now every ________, you%27ll be my Valentine
believe, see, know,
20. My ________ stops when you look at me
shower, chance, nap tool for teachers ,
21. When you tell the punch line ________
premiere, scene crossword maker , awards,
king, queen, Elizabeth II,
23. You and I, we%27ll be young ________
so happy, complete, glad,
24. This is real, so take a ________
racing, driving online learning games , beating results ,
25. Before you met me, I was ________
legs, hands, head,