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I Want It That Way | Song

fire, wire, liar matching excercise ,
2. I want you to know that deep ________ inside of me
entire, desire, enquire,
3. You are my ________
pay, pray, say,
4. Your one ________
words, worlds, swords,
5. Can%27t reach to your ________.
heart, head, mind,
6. No matter the ________
headache, heartache online , stomachache,
7. Tell me why ain%27t nothin%27 but a ________
mistake, cupcake, intake,
8. Believe when I ________
always, usually, never online ,
9. I ________ wanna hear you say
Was, Am, Will,
10. ________I your fire
desire, admire, entire,
11. Now I can see you%27re falling ________
great, late, bad,
12. Tell me why ain%27t nothin%27 but a ________
apart, away create online quizzes , in tears,
13. But we are two ________ apart.
way, road, path,
14. Yes, I know it%27s too ________
pain, distance, difficulties,
15. From the ________ that it used to be, yeah
outside, inside, about,