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30. Rabbit in the Headlights | Listening Comprehension Test

A terror movie., The Oscars., An awards ceremony.,
2. What are Finn and Li watching?
An award for best choreographer., An award for best dancer., An award for best new artist.,
3. When a rabbit sees a car coming towards him in the middle of a road, what does he do?
That someone is a born artist and will definitely make the headlines someday., That someone is so excited that they can%27t even move., That someone is so nervous that they can%27t even speak properly.,
4. What kind of dancer is Timmy Tapper?
Nothing., He runs away. matching excercise , He dies of a heart attack.,
5. What has Timmy Tapper won?
He is a hip-hop dancer., He is a tap dancer. interactive , He is a ballet dancer.,