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29. Icebreaker | Listening Comprehension Test

He is going back to Japan., He is going on a hot date., He is going to start a new job. educational activities ,
2. What is the term %22icebreaker%22 about?
A special knife that breaks ice cubes very easily., Doing an exercise to feel relaxed., Saying or doing something to warm up a cold situation.,
3. What does Rob think about Wang Fei doing a dance on his date?
It%27s a great idea., That would definitely impress the girl., It%27s a bit over the top.,
4. What are Wang Fei%27s plan for tomorrow?
They%27re formal and reserved., They%27re very outgoing and friendly., They%27re snobbish and unfriendly.,
5. In the end, what will Wang Fei use as an icebreaker?
A song., A joke., A story.,