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25. Issue | Listening Comprehension Test

1. Why should we choose our words carefully when talking about something that%27s not going well?
Because we may sound too negative sometimes., Because we may end up adding fuel to the flames. online quizzes , Because we may hurt people%27s feelings.,
2. We know that you%27re late. No issue Matt!
It%27s too negative., It%27s too formal., It%27s too American. interactive ,
3. What does the term %22issue%22 mean?
Matters that need be discussed at work., Problens that we face in our everyday life., Matters that need to be addressed, often difficult ones.,
Oh Gosh! I need to solve this issue with my boss as soon as possible!, I%27m having an issue with my new manager., We know that you%27re late. No issue Matt!,
5. What%27s wrong with the world %22problem%22?
When we want to get something sorted out quickly., When we talk about something really serious., When we talk about spacecrafts in the moon.,