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20. Minging | Listening Comprehension Test

1. Over the years, which adjectives have people used to describe those they find disgusting?
When thinking up words to thank others., When thinking up words to insult others., When thinking up words to compliment others.,
2. What does the term %22minger%22 mean%22?
Scroungy, Scanky, Ugly, Grose,
3. When do human beings seem to be at their most inventive?
Bad taste., Bad smell., Bad shape.,
Around 2000., Around 2003. learning , Around 2006.,
5. When did British teenagers start using the term %22minging%22 more broadly?
Disgusting, unattractive or drunk., Smelly, disgusting or pleasant to be with., Disgusting, stinking or sober. educational activities ,
6. Today, what does the term %22minging%22 mean?
A punch on the nose., That one is in trouble., An ugly person.,