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18. Life Overseas | Listening Comprehension Test

1. How old was Christian when he lived in New Zealand?
16., 17., 18.,
2. In Christian%27s opinion, what was the hardest thing about living far away from his family?
Nothing too exciting., Intimidating and terrible., Intimidating, but extremely enjoyable.,
3. How many exchange students attended his school?
The nature and the wildlife., The people and the mountains., The girls and the eco-system. mix questions ,
4. How does he describe his first experience abroad?
He just missed his family a lot., He could barely talk to his family on the phone, it was a bit expensive., He had to fax because he lost his cell phone.,
Three,, Two., He was the only one. build your own quiz ,
6. What year did Christian live in New Zealand?
1996., 1997., 1998.,