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14. World Facts | Listening Comprehension Test

1. What is fhe fourth term mentioned by the narrator?
Global Warning., Global Warming., Global Warmming. multiple choice questions ,
2. What is fhe second term mentioned by the narrator?
Human positive contributions to the global climate., Human-caused changes to the global climate., Global responsibilities towards the world climate.,
3. What is Dr. Demeritt%27s definition of the third term?
Greenhouse efect., Greenhouse effectt., Greenhouse effect.,
4. What is fhe third term mentioned by the narrator?
A duvet., A blanket. create online quizzes , A pillow. school ,
Carbon footprint., Carbon fotprint., Carboon footprint.,
6. What is fhe first term mentioned by the narrator?
The amount of oxygen involved in our daily activities., Our everyday consumption of greenhouse gases., The amount of energy involved in our weekly activities.,
7. According to Dr. Demeritt, what is the atmosphere like?
Carbon offseting., Carboon offsetting., Carbon offsetting.,
8. In Dr. Demeritt%27s opinion, what are the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
To plant trees and to modernise power plants., To plant trees and to travel by plane., To modernise power plants and to invest in environmental campaigns.,