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13. The Runner | Listening Comprehension Test

1. How often does Tim run?
Twice a week., Three times a week., Four times a week.,
2. When did Tim start running?
When he was 6 years old., When he was 16 years old., When he was in high school.,
3. How old is Tim?
1,500 to 5,000 meters., 150 to 5,000 meters., 150 to 500 meters.,
4. Why is Tim slowing down?
3:37., 3:47., 3:57.,
5. In running, what is the middle distance?
Because he%27s eating too much carbs., Because he%27s drinking beer., Because he%27s sick.,
25., 26., 27.,
7. What was Tim fastest time in the 1,500?
In the woods., In the beach., In the city.,