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8. Shopping | Listening Comprehension Test

1. What does Shona think about online shopping?
Yes., Not really., Sometimes.,
2. When Shona goes shopping, how does she pay the bill?
Make-up., Furniture., Clothes.,
3. What did Shona buy over the internet?
Yes, usually., Yes, hardly ever., No, never.,
4. What%27s Shona%27s opinion on credit cards?
It%27s a terrible experience., It%27s a lot of fun., It%27s nothing too exciting.,
5. What does Shona usually shop for?
A jacket and a dress., A dress and a hat., A hat and jacket.,
By credit card., By debit card., Cash.,
7. Is Shona a big shopping fan?
They%27re great., They can lead people into a lot of debt., They are a nightmare.,