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6. Summer Vacation | Listening Comprehension Test

1. Did she go swimming there?
Six Flags., Disneyland., Busch Gardens.,
2. Which well-known amusement park did she visit?
Not at all., It was not bad., Yes, it was a lot of fun.,
3. Why was it the most interesting?
Las Vegas., Los Angeles. interactive learning , San Diego.,
4. Was her trip nice?
It had great weather., There was always stuff going on there., Everthing there was cheap.,
5. How long did the trip from Oakland to Las Vegas take?
Yes, somewhat big., Yes, really big., No.,
6. Does she think the Hoover Dam is big?
No., Yes., She doesn%27t mention that.,
7. How did she get to Las Vegas?
By car., By train., By plane.,
1h20min., 1h45min., 2h15min.,