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Exam 9 | New Headway Pre-Intermediate

1. What are you do if you miss the plane?
, ,
2. What will you eat if you not like the food?
will open, Answer_3_(optional),
3. When I%27ll get home, I%27ll take a long shower.
will buy, Answer_3_(optional),
4. — Would you like to order now? — Yes, please. I # a Caesar Salad.
have, will have save time , Answer_3_(optional),
5. Dan loves # new friends! He%27s very outgoing.
have, will have prepare quiz , Answer_3_(optional),
6. You%27ll put on weight # you eat this chocolate bar.
, ,
7. From 1 to 5, choose the correct form of the verb.
What will you do if you miss the plane?, , ,
8. We%27ll go to the beach _______ it doesn%27t rain.
Where will she stay if the hotels are full?, , ,
9. Matt is just so annoying! It%27s hard not to # angry with him!
What will you eat if you don%27t like the food?, , ,
10. Mark Zuckerberg is # a fortune with Facebook.
What will you say to your parents if you fail the exam?, , ,
11. # I tell him the truth, he%27ll kill me!
Who will cook for us if Sandra leaves us?, , ,
12. I think I # a cold.
, ,
13. From 6 to 10, correct the sentences.
if, when, Answer_3_(optional),
14. Just sleep well and rest. I%27m sure you%27ll # better soon.
If, When, Answer_3_(optional),
15. — What time do you usually have breakfast? — I # have breakfast everyday at 7.30.
if, when, Answer_3_(optional),
16. From 16 to 20,chose the correct answer.Sometimes, two answers are possible.
if, when, Answer_3_(optional),
17. Laura is going to wait until David will come.
when, Answer_3_(optional),
18. I%27m go to bed # the movie ends.
If, When, Answer_3_(optional),
19. — There%27s someone at the door. — Ok, I # it.
, ,
20. From 26 to 35, choose the correct verb.
as soon as, when, if,
21. Laura will stay in London _______ 2014.
while, before, if online learning games ,
22. From 11 to 15, complete the sentences with %22if%22 or %22when%22.
until, as soon as, if,
23. Who will cook for us if Sandra leave us?
as soon as, when,
24. What will you say to your parents if you will fail the exam?
when, until,
25. See you tomorrow, Lisa! # care!
, ,
26. From 21 to 25, correct the sentences.
When I get home, I%27ll take a long shower., , ,
27. Don%27t worry. Just # your best.
As soon as I get back to the office, I%27ll reply your email., quiz generator , ,
28. I%27ll study for my English exam _______ I get home!
Wait here until I get back., , ,
29. As soon as I%27ll get back to the office, I%27ll reply your email.
, online activities ,
30. Let%27s go for lunch _______ the film finishes.
Laura is going to wait until David comes., , ,
31. — What a lovely dress! — I # it for you, love.
, online learning games ,
32. I%27ll have a cup of coffee _______ my boss arrives.
making, doing, taking,
33. Wait here until I%27ll get back.
do, get,
34. Where will she stays if the hotels are full?
do, get,
35. Can you please # me a favour?
making, doing, taking,
36. ENGLISH EXAM New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 9
make, take, get,
37. Do you # on well wih your boss?
made, got quiz generator , did,
38. I%27ll give Matt a big hug # he arrives.
Make, Do, Take,
39. If it will rain, I%27ll stay home.
takeweb page, get,
40. Excuse me, can you # a photo for us please?
do, get, take,
41. # you have any questions, just ask me.
do, make, take,